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We’ll post links to media coverage of the journey towards justice and restoration in the name of Luis Góngora Pat, here. Thanks for visiting!

(4.25.18) Family of Luis Góngora Pat carries out a 24 Hour Vigil for 24 People Killed by Police With No Charges During D.A. Gascón’s Time in Office

(4.11.18) After 2 years without justice, Family of Luis Góngora Pat starts a 15-day countdown to keep Gascón to his self-imposed charging decision deadline, demanding he “Charge Killer Cops or Resign!”

(2.28.18) Family of Luis Góngora Pat Meets for the First Time in Nearly Two Years With George Gascón, promises decision in 6-8 weeks

(4.7.17) Police Terror in the Sanctuary City: Protest March on One Year Anniversary of Luis Góngora Pat’s Shooting by SFPD

(3.21.17) SFChronicle, Police shooting tore a hole in SF’s Mayan community by David Talbot, Columnist

(3.13.2017) Jury trial date set for Oct. 22, 2018 during first court hearing, Federal Civil Case Family v SFPD

(11.1-3.2016) Coalition members visit Luis’s family in Teabo, Yucatan, Press conference in Yucatan generates Mexican national awareness

(10.7.2016) Family files Federal Civil Case v SFPD, 6 months later

(9.29.16) Autopsy of Luis Góngora Pat, released

(8.12.2016) The Guardian UK, The life and death of Luis Góngora: the police killing nobody noticed, The Guardian UK

(7.14-20.2016) Sgt. Nate Seger, killer of Luis Góngora Pat, assigned to reform unit

(6.17.2016) Family files Claim v SFPD-SF City & County

(5.20.2016) Chief Greg Suhr resigns after SFPD killing of Jessica Williams

(4.21.2016-5.7.2016) Luis’s killing triggers Frisco 5 hunger strike and Frisco 500 storming of City Hall, #FireChiefSuhr

(4.25.2016) Funeral of Luis Góngora Pat in Teabo, Yucatan, Mexico

(4.8.2016-4.17.2016) The days after his death… Witnesses speak up about Luis’s killing, SFPD Town Hall meeting