SFPD Reform

Our contributions to the reform process

SFPD is in an ongoing reform process. Justice4Luis has tracked the reform process from the start. Please find below links to our specific demands for reform, as well as related research and writing to SFPD history of abuse.

Upcoming: Article: The SFPD reform that nobody knows about and nobody understands

The SFPD reform process has been happening for over a year. However, we feel there is little understanding of how it is organized, what are its processes, who is participating and what are its expected results. In this article, Adriana Camarena, who is participating in three out of the five reform tables provides an overview and her perspective on the on-going reform processes, both its pros and cons.

3.6.17. Our Coalition Demands for SFPD Reform

In March of 2017, we delivered to the BOS our demands for SFPD reform.

3.6.17 SFPD Reform Tracker

Early in 2017, we created a searchable and shareable excel database of findings and recommendations from three independent SFPD assessments—the Blue Ribbon Panel Report, the COPS DOJ Division SFPD Assessment, and the Civil Grand Jury on SFPD OIS—and the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. As a whole, these reports recommend a complete overhaul of SFPD. As we improve our database we’ll post the latest update and let you know what changed. Download our SFPD Reform Tracker here!