SFPD Reform

Read our Coalition demands for SFPD reform. We will update you on our contributions towards SFPD Reform here.

SFPD Reform Tracker

We have created a searchable and shareable database of findings and recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Panel Report, the COPS DOJ Division SFPD Assessment, the Civil Grand Jury on SFPD OIS, and the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. As a whole, these reports recommend a complete overhaul of SFPD. As we improve our database we’ll post the latest update and let you know what changed.

(3/6/17) Download our SFPD Reform Tracker here! An excel sheet that compiles all the findings and recommendations from the three SFPD Assessment Reports published in 2016 and the 2015 President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

SFPD Reform Matrix

After our Coalition published our SFPD reform tracker (an excel file with all findings and recommendations in an open data, searchable format), SFPD published a similar matrix on findings and recommendations on which they added information such as priorities and task leader. However, the SFPD reform matrix was published in a PDF format which means it is not open data and fails on open government standards.

We believe SFPD benefited from our Coalition effort of creating an open source excel document of findings and recommendations to create their own document. We have asked the Police Commission and Chief of Police to publish the SFPD reform matrix again in the original excel file used to create it. This would make the SFPD matrix a searchable open data file that increases public access to the same reform information, and which community members can use to develop their own analyses of reform. The SFPD reform process is not protected by any rules as a confidential closed off process such as an internal discipline process of an officer. To the contrary, reform processes should follow best standards in open government to guide the reform process. The COPS-DOJ Report recommendations make this clear as well.

3/10/17 SFPD matrix, PDF doc, download here from their website

Learn more about open government standards here: https://opengovdata.org/ or here: https://www.opengovpartnership.org/about/open-government-declaration

Our Coalition Demands for Reform

(3/6/17) Read our letter to the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco here in which we demand a more transparent and community inclusive SFPD reform process prioritized according to community-defined needs.

Board of Supervisors (BOS):

In memory and honor of Luís Góngora Pat, killed by SFPD nearly a year ago,

We demand definitive actions from the BOS to ensure an end to police terror against people of color in the City, hold SFPD accountable for harm caused in communities, and restore harmed families and communities,

We demand that the BOS ensure that the SFPD reform effectively and holistically addresses priority areas of reform including Use of Force, Bias, Community Policing Practices, Internal Discipline, Personnel and Departmental Orders and Bulletins,

We demand that the BOS require that best practices in Community Policing Practices be applied to co-define SFPD reform with community input, including co-design of priorities, policies, strategies, processes, systems, expected results, and performance standards,

We demand that the BOS establish a public, transparent and appropriate mechanism for monitoring and evaluating progress towards SFPD reform results and performance standards for priority Areas of Reform,

We demand the BOS tie the SFPD budget (both approval and funds release) to evidence that (a) reform priorities, expected results and performance standards have been established through best standards in Community Policing Practices and (b) milestone results are delivered by SFPD,

We demand that the BOS hold separate hearings to review findings and recommendations related to External Oversight agencies, including the DA, the DPA, the Police Commission, and the need to establish new agencies, task forces and partnerships to raise the transparency and accountability of SFPD.