Justice4Luis supports C.A.R.T.: A Compassionate Alternative Response to Policing Homelessness

Justice 4 Luis collaborated with a coalition of community-based organizations to develop a Community Plan to develop a compassion alternative response to policing homelessness. (C.A.R.T. for short)

Our plan considered the results of a survey that collected input from impacted unhoused neighbors, and similar and successful projects like CAHOOTS in Oregon. Our plan proposes a way to divert low priority 911 calls away from police and towards a team of compassionate respondents with the skills and capacity to address the needs of unhoused individuals. Our plan also proposes a budget, which is in keeping with our call to Defund SFPD. Our plan asks for the resources to also develop additional capacity building in our communities to empower everyone to become a compassionate respondent when seeking to help people in conditions of homelessness.

You can read the full report here: https://www.cartsf.org/our-plan#h.dlldrrta9glp

On January 19, 2021, José created this video in support of C.A.R.T. His brother was killed 5 years ago by SFPD officers Michael Mellone and Nate Steger. He was unhoused at the time. Both of his killers were found by SFPD Internal Affairs to have breached all time and distance policies in the killing of Luis, but have yet to face accountability. His family seeks justice, but also lasting change like C.A.R.T.

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