The People’s Police Observatory

Justice for Luis Góngora Pat launches a new effort in support of citizen oversight of the San Francisco Police Department. We call it The People’s Police Observatory. As part of this effort, we will aggregate and publish publicly available data on police abuses and impunity for further community applications, and disseminate summaries of our findings.

We seek a sea change in police conduct, transparency and accountability. It is high time that San Francisco government institutions acted to make accountable those SFPD officers who harm civilians, violating their most basic human and civil rights.

With your help, we will increase and improve the quality of our observations and oversight. Please write to us at justice4luis @ to inform us of additional data you may have collected to include in our table, preferably with a link to a reliable news or data source, or a report that you’d like to publish based on the observatory’s information.

Below is a link to our main database and a list of mini reports published based on our database information:


District Attorney’s Scorecard on Charging Killer Cops

Disproportionate Police Killing of People of Color in San Francisco

Other SFPD Abuses

Launching of the People’s Police Observatory


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