Justice4Luis supports C.A.R.T.: A Compassionate Alternative Response to Policing Homelessness

Justice 4 Luis collaborated with a coalition of community-based organizations to develop a Community Plan to develop a compassion alternative response to policing homelessness. (C.A.R.T. for short) Our plan considered the results of a survey that collected input from impacted unhoused neighbors, and similar and successful projects like CAHOOTS in Oregon. Our plan proposes a…

Former Chief of Police Greg Suhr named as advisor to the San Francisco Historical Society: Here is the history that the SFHS omitted from his bio!

The San Francisco Historical Society has named former San Francisco Chief of Police Greg Suhr to its advisory board, omitting in his bio his contentious history as Chief of Police (2011-2016). By naming Suhr an advisor and providing an uncritical biography, the SFHS provides a perfect example of how historical records are created for and by those in power, while burying their fraught involvement in class conflict and racial genocide and oppression.
In honor of the Indigenous, Black, People of Color harmed and murdered by those in power on stolen Ohlone land, Justice for Luis provides the missing chapters of Greg Suhr’s tenure as Chief of the SFPD that the SFHS deliberately omitted.

#6Forced2Strike: Hunger strikers demand Luis’s killer—Michael Mellone—to be fired from Antioch Police Department

On Friday, September 4th, 2020 at 5 p.m. five young activists from the City of Antioch—Shagoofa Khan, Maria Brown, Michelle Parmenter, McKenna Peterson, and Lacey Brown—and Michael James, a former resident of the Mission District of San Francisco, now an East Bay resident, began a hunger strike to demand that local authorities meet their demands…

Family of Luis Góngora Pat Urges Budget Committee in Video Public Comments: Stop Playing With Our Lives, Defund the Police!

On Monday August 24, 2020, the Budget Committee of San Francisco held a public comment session on the budget which would be submitted for approval on Wednesday August 26. Cuts to the SFPD budget only amount to about a 4% decrease from the prior year’s 2019-2020 police budget, and a measly improvement to the 2.6% cut the Mayor London Breed had proposed. This is a far cry from the public demand to end the racist violent institution of policing that is the San Francisco Police Department. These are the videos submitted to public comment by Luis’s family and Justice4Luis.

Board of Supervisors: Defund SFPD, significantly.

The family of Luis Góngora Pat with Justice4Luis joins the call to #DefundThePolice, significantly. Mayor London Breed’s response to this public demand falls disappointingly short by maintaining a bloated police budget, which represents an insignificant -2.6% decrease from last year’s 2019-2020 budget. We oppose any cosmetic defunding of the police that will only result in the perpetuation of police violence and criminalization of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, transgendered, and homeless peoples in this City. We demand significant law enforcement funds be redirected to invest in the well being of BIPOC communities and alternatives to policing.

Junta de Supervisores: Recorten a la policía de manera significativa.

La familia de Luis Góngora Pat con Justice4Luis.org se suma al llamado para #RecortarALaPolicía, de manera significativa. La respuesta de la alcalde London Breed a esta demanda pública se queda decepcionantemente corta al mantener un presupuesto policial inflado, que representa una disminución insignificante del -2,6% con respecto al presupuesto del año pasado para 2019-2020. Nos oponemos a cualquier recorte presupuestal cosmético a la policía que solo resultará en la perpetuación de la violencia policial y la criminalización de las personas negras, indígenas, otras personas de color, transgénero y sin hogar en esta ciudad. Exigimos que se redirijan fondos significativos de las fuerzas del orden para invertir en el bienestar de las comunidades más discriminadas de esta ciudad y en alternativas a la vigilancia policial.