GoFundMe Campaign Surpasses Goal!


We will close this fundraising campaign this evening April 27th. Last chance for donations! Thanks!

GoFundMe for Justice4Luis surpasses goal!

Visit: gofund.me/justice4luis

We have surpassed our goal for the weekend ending Sunday April 24th, 2016!

We are coordinating with family on how to send the money securely to the family of Luis. We will leave the campaign open until then.

Related updates

Funeral Services for Luis Demetrio Góngora Pat were held on Saturday April 24th at Duggan’s in San Francisco. His body was sent to Teabo, Yucatán on Sunday arriving late that day. Services and funeral for the deceased will be held today in his hometown. Today would have been Luis’s 46th birthday.

The campaign will cover the cost of this website and also an design by Oree Originol. Oree’s design is completed but we are awaiting family approval. This might take a moment while family goes through this initial stage of grieving. Once we have the design, we’ll make an awesome banner and give this to the family of Luis in San Francisco.

On Saturday morning, several people marched for Justice 4 Luis in the annual Cesar Chavez parade with the lowriders and alongside Justice for Amilcar, Justice 4 Alex Nieto and Justice 4 Mario Woods. Cousin Luis responded by saying:

“Thank you, God bless you and the Virgin of Guadalupe protect you all your life, your family and friends. Hope to see you soon.

We Mayans never give up. We will fight to the death for our honor.”


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