Please donate to support unhoused witnesses to Luis’s killing!

Update by Tiny Lisa Gray Garcia on the witnesses to the po’Lice murder of poverty, indigenous skola-Luis Gongora Pat:

Thx to a circle of power-FUL mujeres walking in liberation & love (Nancy Scott Cayce, Pearl Ubungen, Laura Guzman, Adriana Camarena, me & all of you for supporting this page)!!! they not only have a storage space, have been put in safe-houses and motels with real beds and hot showers, the Mama to b is about to get housed on Monday so she can properly mama her newborn… but we need to raise $300.00 more dollars.


ALSO- Tonite after renting a motel room -cuz she was discharged from the hospital to the street- i also used some of this last little bit of money to begin mama’s new decolonized poor people diet, introducing salad, yogurt, non-gmo grain & fresh fruit- as a poverty skola i know too well the struggle to stop eating cheap crap cuz thats all you ever had access to, could afford or even knew about- as thats what i was raised on- and watched my poor Boriken mama die from- this is a project us folks at POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE are always working on- & know its a matter of lyfe & death (S/O to my POOR Mag sis-STARS Vivian Louise, Queennandi Xsheba Shabazz, Laure McElroy & so many more ‪#‎workingonALLfrontstodecolonize‬

PLEASE KEEP HELP US RAISE $300.00 more buks so i can help her get healthy food & pay for the rest of the nights of the motels-


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