Open letter to D.A. George Gascón from Justice for Luis Góngora Pat

D.A. Gascón,

Yesterday was one year and ten months since Luis Góngora Pat was killed by Sgt. Nate Steger and Ofc. Michael Mellone. The family has not once been contacted by San Francisco authorities, including the Office of the D.A. to give them an update of how the criminal investigation (or any other investigation for that matter) is being handled.

The family of Luis Gongora Pat has requested to meet with you previously, both through the intervention of the Mexican Consulate and the office of Supervisor Ronen. The family’s request has never been acknowledged nor granted by your office.

This Mayan Mexican immigrant family lost hope for any response from the Office of the D.A., after you failed to respond to a request backed by these officials. Since then José Gongora, brother of Luis, has stood outside your office every Friday at noon for about 8 months now with the protesters of Mothers on the March for Justice. The times they have asked to meet with you, they have also been turned away.

We have tracked your record on declining to press charges in every other case of police brutality and killings since the start of your tenure, and are very disappointed in results so far. But we have not given up hope on justice. We have carefully collected information made public about Luis’s shooting on our website here By our count, there are at least 8 eye witnesses, several of whom have told us they are willing to provide testimony. There is also the partial video of his vicious killing in less than 30 seconds, in which all SFPD time and distance protocols, as well as deescalation options were violated by officers.

Luis was shot to the back with bean bag and live rounds, and executed with a downward shot to the head as evidenced by his autopsy. Again, all in less than 30 seconds. There are clear elements of criminal misconduct by the officers and we are waiting for you to press charges.

We reach out once again for an appointment with you, so as to be informed directly by you of the work carried out so far by the Office of the District Attorney and your special $1.5million dollar unit to obtain justice for Luis Góngora Pat.

We feel the family should have been sought out by your office a very long time ago, and there is much time and trust to be restored. They are very upset that they have been discriminated in this manner, as Mayan people, immigrant workers, who are so often ignored. It is our knowledge that you have met with other families and groups who are clamoring for justice for victims of police brutality. Please afford them the same basic courtesy.

We eagerly await your prompt response and a meeting proposal as soon as possible.

We have written a similar message to you by email.

Thank you,

Justice for Luis Góngora Pat
Adriana Camarena
José Góngora Pat
Luis Poot Pat
Carlos Poot Pat

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