In support of March for Justice to Sacramento by José Góngora Pat

Extract from Press Release: “March for Justice from SF to Sacramento”

“On October 6th, 2017 A march will take place from San Francisco, CA to Sacramento, CA where we will demand police accountability, charging the police who executed Alex Nieto, Mario Woods, Amilcar Perez-Lopez, Luis Gongora-Pat, Jessica Nelson-Williams, and Kenneth Hardy Jr, Derrick Gaines with murder. This action is a revolutionary demonstration taking place to demand an end to police murder, and hold the cops accountable of shooting unarmed Black and Brown people. This does not just happen in San Francisco but all around the country.

This March is organized by the Black and Brown for Justice, Peace, And Equality, Mothers On The March, and the Hunger Strike SF. We plan to begin the march at 850 Bryant in San Francisco on October 6th, 2017 at 2pm, which will be completed on October 19th in Sacramento at Javier Becerra’s office at 1pm. This march will cover a span of 14 days and will hold community meeting in churches or community centers at 7:30pm in every town where we will stop. Some of the marchers were participants and leaders in the Hunger Strike against San Francisco Police murders in 2016.

Our demands stand as the following:

Have San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon charge the following cops for Murder:

– Charge Richard Hastings and Richard Lopez for executing Kenneth Harding Jr.
– Charge Jason Sawyer, Roger Morse, Richard Schiff, and Nathan Chew for executing Alex Nieto.
– Charge Winston Seto, Antonio Santos, Charles August, Nicholas Cuevas, and Scott Phillips for executing Mario Woods.
– Charge Craig Tiffe and Eric Reboli for executing Amilcar Perez-Lopez.
– Charge Nate Seger and Michael Mellone for executing Luis Gongora-Pat.
– Charge Justin Erb for executing Jessica Nelson- Williams.
– Charge Joshua Cabillo for executing Derrick Gaines.”

Complete press release here: Link to Facebook event.


(English translation)

I am José Góngora Pat.

Tomorrow will be a year and a half since two policemen of San Francisco executed my brother Luís Demetrio Góngora Pat without reason.

We will reach a year and a half without justice for Luis. No matter how much we have demanded District Attorney Gascon to impose criminal charges against Luis’s murderers, he has not.

Today a group of collaborators will seek justice for Luis and so many others murdered by the police. They will walk to Sacramento to ask the state prosecutor to take action.

We, the relatives of the innocent people killed by the police, are forced to escalate our actions because the justice system is not made to provide justice when the state kills.

I implore the government of San Francisco and the government of California to attend to the crisis of police brutality in this supposed sanctuary city, otherwise we will again be forced to escalate our actions, including by seeking legal resources at an international level.



Soy José Góngora Pat.

Mañana se cumple un año y medio desde que dos policías de San Francisco ejecutaron a mi hermano Luís Demetrio Góngora Pat sin razón.

Cumpliremos un año y medio sin justicia para Luís. Por más que le hemos exigido al fiscal de distrito Gascón que imponga cargos penales en contra de los asesinos de Luís, no lo ha hecho.

Hoy un grupo de colaboradores buscarán justicia para Luís y tantas otras personas asesinadas por la policía. Caminaran a Sacramento para pedirle al fiscal estatal tome acción.

Nosotros, los familiares de los inocentes asesinados por la policía, somos forzados a escalar nuestras acciones porque los sistemas de justicia están hechos para impedir la justicia cuando el estado mata.

Imploro al gobierno de San Francisco y al gobierno de California atiendan la crisis de brutalidad policiaca en esta supuesta ciudad santuario. De lo contrario nos veremos forzados nuevamente a escalar nuestras acciones, incluso buscando recursos legales a nivel internacional.


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