Mayan War Room in honor of Luis Gongora Pat: Opening & Fundraiser, SAT. April 7, 6:30-9:00PM @MCCLA_Mission

You are cordially invited to attend the Opening and Fundraiser of the Mayan War Room in Honor of Luis Gongora Pat, next Saturday April 7, 2018, 6:30-9:00pm at the MCCLA (Mission & 25.)


We hope you can make the opening and fundraiser of our Mayan War Room! You’ll love the protest embroidery sent by the women of Teabo.

Please RSVP and share our Facebook Event:

YouCaring Online Fundraiser

Can’t make the fundraiser on the 7th? No worries! You can donate at:

Family Invitation


Opening & Fundraiser, SAT. April 7th, 6:30pm

On the 7th, for Luis’s second year commemoration, we will hold a Fundraiser as part of our opening of the Mayan War Room at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.

Please join us! We will have photographs, art and exquisitely embroidered protest needlepoint work by Luis’s wife and daughter and other female relatives sent from Teabo Yucatán on sale for a donation.

We will also raffle off a few posters and a cochinita pibil tray for 10 people, homemade on a date agreed between you and the family!

Our Mayan War Room

Our Mayan War Room will feature the actions, tactics and strategies deployed by the Mayan Mexican family of Luis Gongora Pat to demand justice for his brutal killing by two San Francisco police officers, since two years ago, on April 7th, 2016.

The exhibit makes visible the protest work of Luis’s widow and children who remain in the Mayan village of Teabo, Yucatan, and honors the boots on the ground work of Luis’s brother and cousins in San Francisco, who are Mayan warriors, doubling as restaurant dishwashers and janitors in the City.

The Mayan War Room will keep office hours during the month of April. Stay tuned for our schedule of hours.

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