Here Is @SFPD’s Joshua Cabillo’s Long and Sordid History of Abuses & Impunity! Community Activists Demand @SFPDChief Fire Cabillo Effective IMMEDIATELY & @GeorgeGascon Pursue Charges or Resign!


On June 9, 2018 Joshua Cabillo unlawfully shot Oliver Barcenas in the back. Miraculously, Barcenas survived despite the gravity of his injuries. Ofc. Cabillo has a long and sordid history of committing abuses while on the job, and getting away with it.

In 2017, a grassroots group of community activists known as San Franciscans for Police Accountability (SFPA) alongside families of victims of Joshua Cabillo’s abuses, both in South San Francisco and San Francisco, presented the long list of abuses committed by Cabillo to the Board of Supervisors and the Police Commission. Their presentations were compiled into a report titled “Bad Cops in the San Francisco Police Department Case Study: Joshua Cabillo” (2017). The report can be downloaded as a PDF report here:

“Bad Cops in the San Francisco Police Department Case Study: Joshua Cabillo” (2017) by SFPA

Since the report was published it has become known that Cabillo was mentored by the new SFPOA President Tony Montoya.


This evening community activists, including Justice for Luis Góngora Pat, will attend the Police Commission meeting at 5:30pm at City Hall Room 400 to demand that Chief William Scott and the Police Commission fire Joshua Cabillo effective immediately. He has proven himself to repeatedly act in a biased and lethally dangerous manner towards youth of color in the City, and yet City authorities continue to throw a blind eye in favor of his misconduct. Enough is enough!

FACEBOOK EVENT: Police Commission meeting at 5:30pm at City Hall Room 400


Justice for Luis is also demanding that the District Attorney George Gascón drop all charges filed against Oliver Barcenas, and instead pursue criminal charges against Ofc. Joshua Cabillo.

In 2016 the Bureau of Independent Investigation (BII) of the District Attorney was established with a $1.8 million dollar budget to independently investigate use of force incidents and pursue criminal reviews. Since then, D.A. Gascón has single-handedly sabotaged the purpose of the BII by undermining its independence, and never pursuing charges in any case whatsover of use of force or criminal review.

  1. D.A. Gascón has not filed charges against any killer cop since he entered office in 2011: 24 fatal shootings by SFPD have taken place since 2011 and all have been systematically resolved without charges by the D.A.
  2. Gascón has also not applied any of the resources of the BII to pursue charges in any of the 32 non-fatal officer-involved shootings since 2011 or any other use of force incident.
  3. No criminal review of past incidents has been carried out by the D.A. since the establishment of the BII.
  4. Putting the nail in the coffin of the BII, the D.A. has pursued criminal charges in each and every non-fatal OIS resulting in injury to a civilian; thus making independent review of these cases literally impossible.

The conclusion based on plain facts is that the D.A. favors police narratives in all cases that come under BII review.

Justice for Luis has petitioned the Budget and Finance Committee of the Board of Supervisors to pursue an exhaustive audit into the D.A.’s management of the BII due to the mismanagement of its resources resulting in deviation away from the purpose of its creation.

Without accountability, there will be no justice. Without justice, there will be no end to police brutality. Needless to say, the San Francisco D.A. continues to uphold police impunity 100% of the times. Gascón needs to resign, since he does not know how to do his job when it comes to police brutality.



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